Thank you

8 million mobiles applications downloaded,
and over 185 000 regular readers online per day.

To all our partners and their readers,
who adopted our reading solutions,
thank you so much for those first successes,
miLibris is cooking up great things for you...

miLibris is an intermediation platform between content providers and sales portals ;
we provide distribution services and tools designed for the book and newspaper industry.

Distribution platform

Our core component is a monetizing and distribution platform which manages and processes publications for multi channel distribution. Content is formatted for online reading or downloading on any device (computer, e-book reading device, touchscreen, smartphone).

Management portal

Each stakeholder of the chain benefits from a custom management interface to the platform. Book publishers and newspaper companies keep full control of their entire catalogue through edition management, distributor accreditation and digital rights management

Reporting / statistics

The management portal allows distributors and publishers to access sales volume reports, graphs and history, but also detailed statistics on viewed pages, reading length, links, tools usage, etc.

Reading tools

Flash reader, widgets, plugins, etc. miLibris develops reading tools with enhanced functionality and usability. These tools can be integrated into the websites of content providers and distributors to offer users a rich media experience and an unrivaled reading pleasure.

Book publishers

Distribute your digital catalogue through the largest sales portals

Promote your digital works with the best reading tools

Control distribution, check sales volume and reading statistics


Publish online while breaking free from constraints

Ensure timely publishing with a robust infrastructure

Offer your readers rich content and innovative reading tools

and operators

Benefit from a unique interface with all content providers

Integrate our tools for management and promotion into your website

Easily market digital works towards all types of devices