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Publishing the next generation

miLibris develops solutions to provide a quantum leap for the Press and traditional publishers, in this new generation of publishing. Constantly innovating with deep research and development into digital publishing, miLibris operates in France and internationally.


Our solutions for your next generation of publishing

  • Our Skills

    miLibris is active across the entire value chain: converting, enriching, publishing on all screens…miLibris innovates and creates new market models

  • Our tools

    From the platform to the Business Intelligence console, to the reading engine: miLibris designs and develops for every reader.

  • Our offers

    Off the shelf Kits or bespoke development, miLibris’ products and services come in a variety of formats and business models to address all market needs.

Our vision

Unveiling the new face of digital publishing: miLibris’ ambition is huge. To transform the market and its models, to reinvent the press and means of monetising content and to provide publishers with new marketing tools.  miLibris is building the next generation of the press.

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