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Our vision

Our ambition is huge: spread our tools all over the world and share with the most innovative publishers. miLibris was designed to transform circulation models, to create a new standard of publication. Join us!

Our team


    I have a passion for innovation, and my work experience in media sales management has allowed me to accompagny numerous clients.  I perceive the transformation of the media as a very stimulating challenge.  Working with Canadian publishers in their digital transformation with a consulting approach is my personal mission.



    Empower initiatives and realizations

    Entrepreneurship is one of the values highlighted by our HR policy.  Our policy favors an entrepreneurial temperament.  To get our young colleagues involved quickly, we give them huge responsibilities, and pass on to them the taste of commitment, ambition and success.


    We promote best practices

    Within our company, we exchange ideas, share experiences and analyze best practices to reach success.


    We integrate talent to take advantage of their skills and know-how and offer opportunities to realize their potential

    Significant means are implemented to identify the potential of every collaborator and propose a career development plan adapted to their ambitions and capacities.  Joining miLibris is to make a commitment over time.  The loyalty of our collaborators enables us to build their careers, and to provide perspective to those who join us.  Our HR policy favors internal mobility.  We inventory the skills of talent before recruiting.  Because talent expresses itself best if it is identified and developed.


    Training is essential in the development of new skills for all our colleagues.  Our business requires methodical learning of our products, techniques, environments and know-how.  We are very committed to train our collaborators throughout their professional life.  From the yearly individual appraisal, we build a development and training plan for every collaborator.  We believe in improvement throughout practical learning.  On a daily basis, we work to develop the capacities and talent of each of our collaborators.