MEET THE TEAM #1 : Sonia BENBAKLI, customer relations manager 


"MEET THE TEAM" is a series on our blog that aims to showcase the different jobs at miLibris. 

Today, for the first episode, we sat down with Sonia, customer relations manager, to discuss her work at our company.


1 ) Describe your tasks at miLibris

I work in the support department where we have direct contact with our 100+ customers in France and abroad.
My mission is to support our customers on different projects, but also to ensure the best possible after-sales service on our products (web and mobile readers, kiosks and white label apps, platforms...).
I work with the technical, marketing, distribution and digital departments of our business partners to support and guide them during the operation of our solutions and to gather their wishes for development.
My role and my main impact aim at defining and framing with them the objectives of a project to then coordinate and plan it with the various technical and commercial stakeholders.


2 ) How did you get here?

I have always been fascinated by technology, and I always wanted to work in the IT field, but I didn't know exactly what specialty I wanted to work in. During my three years at university, I worked in groups, and each time with peers with more or less different characters.
I enjoyed organizing work slots, acting as an intermediary between the different members of the group... and that's when I decided to do project management.
So it's quite natural that I joined miLibris three years ago, first as a work-study student and then on a permanent contract!


3) What motivates you on a daily basis?

First of all, personal fulfillment: succeeding in completing a project gives me great personal satisfaction.
Moreover, I really appreciate working with a determined and cohesive team that motivates me by offering them constant support and allowing them to share their passion for the project.
miLibris is a structure that allows me to fully develop on a daily basis, to progress every day, both in terms of my skills and my know-how, but also in the daily interactions with my colleagues.


4) What are the qualities of a project manager for you?

For me, the essential qualities of a project manager are

  • Empathy: in my job, I have to deal with problems, objectives and needs of both our clients and internal staff. You have to put the human side into the relationships to always be able to position yourself in the most accurate and adapted way possible. 

  • Organization: I have to deal with many incoming requests and projects simultaneously and I have to be able to prioritize and structure the actions to be able to respond to them in a responsive and efficient manner.

  • Adaptability and versatility: the requests and the interlocutors are diverse and this requires a real skill of popularization, of synthesis to be able to interact with all the parties and to make all the projects progress.

  • Ambition: to succeed in this role, it is essential to be permanently result-oriented in order to achieve the best possible level of customer satisfaction, even if it is sometimes necessary to be pragmatic and not systematically answer in the affirmative when it is not relevant.

5) And in your free time, what do you like to do?

I have a real passion for cooking! I love exploring new recipes, trying different ingredients and playing with flavors. It is a form of creative expression for me and I love discovering new cuisines from around the world.
I also enjoy cooking the classics of Kabyle and North African cuisine in general. The time I spend in the kitchen is a time of relaxation for me, where I can focus on the details and let my mind wander. It is also a way for me to share my creations with my friends and family, and sometimes with my colleagues.

06 February 2023



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