MEET THE TEAM #2 : Eloïse MALGOIRE, product manager 


"MEET THE TEAM" is a series on our blog that aims to showcase the different jobs at miLibris. 

Today, it's Eloise's turn, product manager, to present her missions within our company.


1 ) Describe your missions at miLibris

I am a Product Manager, which means that I am responsible for the construction and evolution of the functional roadmap of miLibris solutions.
In concrete terms, I centralize all the requests, needs and suggestions made by our customers and users, I prioritize them with the help of our Customer Relations and Sales teams, and I work with the technical team to estimate and prepare the necessary work. I then follow up on developments on a daily basis and communicate on upcoming evolutions. So I coordinate the product team from the needs gathering phase to delivery.


2 ) How did you get here?

During my commercial training specialized in entrepreneurship, I discovered Design Thinking and I wanted to explore this user-centered approach. During the four years that followed, I worked as a Digital Transformation Consultant for many clients in various industries (Luxury, Banking, Education...) where I was able to apply these principles to help our clients design services and products that best meet their users' needs.
Little by little, I wanted to move on to positions that would allow me to see the entire product lifecycle, so it was only natural that I turned to Product Management. Last year, after two and a half years as a Product Manager in Advertising, I wanted to turn to the world of the Press, which I find fascinating, and it is in this context that I joined miLibris.


3) What motivates you on a daily basis?

One of the things I particularly appreciate about my job is that it allows me to learn continuously. I have the chance to coordinate a team of collaborators with very different profiles (development, design...), who are experts in their fields and allow me to develop new knowledge constantly. It's a sector that I find exciting and essential, which has been facing important challenges for years, to which we try to respond as best we can through our solutions. It motivates me to help our clients meet these challenges, in a co-construction approach that will allow us to be as close as possible to their needs and those of their readers.


4) What are the qualities of a product manager for you?

To be a good product manager, I would say that you have to be organized, rigorous and have a sense of priorities. We receive almost daily new requests from our customers, users, other teams... You have to be organized and rigorous to centralize these requests, understand them, evaluate them (feasibility, effort), prioritize them... all this without getting lost and while keeping the focus to make sure that the team is always working on what brings the most value to our customers and that the vision remains clear for everyone. It also requires good interpersonal and communication skills, because as a Product Manager you are the link between all the people involved in a project. You have to make sure that each of the stakeholders has the necessary level of information on the current and future issues, and that everyone remains aligned on the priorities. This requires constant communication and the ability to switch easily from technical to strategic, commercial, etc...


5) And in your free time, what do you like to do?

I dedicate most of my free time to my passion, which is music. I started at the age of 4 with the piano and the violin, and it has never left me. Today I focus more on singing - which I practice alone and in groups - and, for the past few years, writing. I love discovering new artists and rarely a week goes by without me going to a concert. I also work for an association that organizes concerts in Paris and aims to discover emerging artists.

21 February 2023



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