why miLibris ? 


Fully embrace the digital age

Digital technology is constantly evolving, and it is with passion that we devote all our energy to developing innovative solutions that will meet your challenges and ambitions.
The issues of content distribution, monetisation and security are now as much technical as they are financial, in all sectors. 
miLibris, a French tech company, has quickly become the key player in the digital publishing market. Through its offers and solutions, miLibris provides a clear response to the dematerialisation of content and the need to adapt to new uses of mobility and information consumption.
And because miLibris is a company of experts, it guarantees the optimal level of reliability and performance of each of its solutions, as demonstrated by the trust and loyalty of its long-standing customers, both in France and internationally.


Digitalisation and efficient distribution of your content is no longer an option.
Demand dynamic publishing, rely on fluid distribution and offer an addictive experience to your readers, on all web and mobile media.
Increase interaction with your audience and mobilise their commitment around a more effective digital proposition.


In addition to this clearly identified and logically concerned press sector, many public and private industries are now involved, which are increasingly "content producers". 
Their challenge is to know how to address their internal and external communities in an agile, efficient and perfectly secure way.


The inherent challenge for any publication publisher is to offer content that is as visible and accessible as it is immersive and inspiring. 
An intuitive and innovative reading experience will help to differentiate your digital image and increase your brand awareness, with a view to converting and federating a community effectively.

Assert your digital image 

miLibris supports you so that your communications reflect the demands of your brand. Powerful technology and reliable tools at the heart of your digital transformation.
Your content embodies your values. We make them sublime so that their distribution reflects your image. 
Let's invent the publication of tomorrow together!

The 5 Senses of the miLibris offer

- Knowledge:

miLibris is a company of experts, which has been designing scalable and innovative technologies since 2009, guaranteeing an optimal level of reliability and performance, to enable them to better manage their digital strategy.

- The Success

miLibris has been able to build and develop solid and trustworthy partnerships with the major players in the French press and information media.
miLibris is accelerating its diversification and internationalisation by putting all its energy and know-how at the service of the digital transformation of all content industries. We deploy the most advanced solutions available on the market.

- Simplicity

miLibris technologies are developed on the basis of a common core. They allow for rapid deployment with a minimum level of integration for both the publisher and the distributor.

- Flexibility:

Our solutions are deployed in white label, with a high level of graphical and functional customisation, to favour a coherent user path that is as integrated as possible in our customers' ecosystem

- Security:

miLibris ensures a high level of security for the content and distribution environments, guaranteeing the integrity of the distribution throughout the operation. The miLibris solutions comply with the standards in force and ensure unlimited storage and archiving of content.

28 September 2022



French leader in digital publishing since 2009.
Embrace the digital age. Enhance your digital image.


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