MEET THE TEAM #3 : Guillaume MOLLE, front-end developper 


"MEET THE TEAM" is a series on our blog that aims to present the different jobs at miLibris. 

Today, for this third episode, we talked with Guillaume, front-end developer, about the different components of his role at miLibris.


1 ) Describe your missions at miLibris

As a front-end developer, my missions are quite varied: from setting up a kiosk to improving the graphics and developing new tools.
I respond to the requests of the support department which handles customer requests, but I also improve the tools used by the team to best meet everyone's needs.


2 ) How did you get here?

Being a big fan of video games since I was a child, I always dreamed of working in the computer field.
After a training as a multimedia project manager which made me discover the different jobs that revolve around this field, I realized a little by chance that development interested me a lot, so much so that I gave up the idea of being a project manager and trained myself in a self-taught way to web development.
After many years working in fullstack (front-end and back-end) and wishing to deepen my knowledge on new front-end technologies, I joined miLibris which offers very interesting projects and with ambitions of technological evolution that correspond to me and motivate me every day.


3) What motivates you on a daily basis?

What motivates me most is learning and discovering new things. Web development is constantly evolving and new tools are made available to speed up certain processes.
I like to learn new ways of doing things, improve my skills and complete a project that satisfies the clients (and myself).my colleagues!


4) What are the qualities of a front-end developer for you?

I would say that you have to be logical, rigorous and a bit passionate. I think that logic is fundamental when you want to be a developer, it allows, once the syntax of a framework or a programming language acquired, to adapt easily on other technos. Rigor is also important to produce clear and qualitative code that will be understood by other developers working on the project.


5) What "business tools" do you use ?

As far as languages/frameworks are concerned, we are on a full Javascript stack with frameworks like Express.js, React and recently Svelte.
As far as software is concerned, I use Visual Studio Code as a code editor, Fork as a Git client and other tools such as Docker and Postman.


6) And in your free time, what do you like to do?

Without wanting to sound like a geek, I also develop personal projects and reverse engineer retro gaming in my free time.
That doesn't prevent me from going out, traveling all over the world (with a big preference for Japan) and taking pictures during my trips.

27 February 2023



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